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2007-12-11 09:08:00
Good fun and easy to play. It also has a great community. Very well regulated which means you don't have to tolerate abusive players and cheaters are caught early. Come and join us as it is early round!

2007-12-10 16:44:57
A Well decent game.i don't have a lot of time on the computer. This game has a easy-to-use interface, which most games it's a little complicated. I give it 5/5

2007-12-06 16:53:33
It's a great game for those of us who just don't have enough time to really put into a game, but still like playing them.

2007-12-05 15:08:57
Awesome !

2007-12-04 14:16:13
Easy to play and fun with a great community

2007-12-03 14:51:48
Fun to play without being time consuming. It could be more complex but as it stands it's easy to understand but still hard to master in relation to other players.

2007-12-03 13:24:55
best game ever!-noss

2007-12-03 13:21:25
long live the lord!

2007-12-03 13:14:38

2007-12-03 13:13:12

2007-12-03 13:10:06
best game online on the list of mpog100!

2007-12-03 03:48:27
this game is awesome for any occasion!

2007-12-02 11:52:55
Great fun and community. Easy to play and hard to master!

2007-12-02 06:36:34
Great game!

2007-12-02 03:54:18
awesome !

2007-12-01 02:49:02
Great game and community

2007-11-27 14:54:18
Very awesome game

2007-11-25 18:11:20
This Game is The best game I ever played it might be a browser but its funner then it looks.

2007-11-18 08:08:54
vote 4 dis

2007-11-17 14:27:13

2007-11-14 14:49:44
this game is simple yet entertaining i recomend playing. it does not require alot of time

2007-11-11 04:26:33
Great gane and fun community.

2007-11-09 20:57:34
quick and to the point!!


2007-11-06 15:09:00

2007-11-05 08:07:59
nice game!

2007-11-04 19:11:25
It's a great no frills game.

2007-11-04 06:33:43
easy and quick

2007-11-03 00:45:06
its a good game to play.!!!

2007-11-02 14:22:15
Great game, good community - easy to play and fun!

2007-11-02 09:01:31
easy and addictive

2007-11-01 18:17:58
Great game, good community - easy and fast to play and it's FUN!

2007-11-01 10:45:32
strangely addictive

2007-10-20 03:31:52
strangely addictive

2007-10-19 09:34:58

2007-10-19 01:31:34
brilliant game for the time spent playing.
I can play every day for a few minutes and be in the top 10 players.

2007-10-18 20:38:10
Very well done, Fair and fun. I'll play for hours.

2007-10-16 19:25:41
This game is easy fun to play and doesnt take any time at all if you dont want it too :-)

2007-10-16 07:35:16
great game

2007-10-15 12:00:27
I am a new player, and at the moment finding it quite good..

2007-10-15 08:33:15
seems like a good one

2007-10-10 12:39:54

2007-10-04 11:55:18
this is an awesome game

2007-10-02 07:32:09
Interesting, engaging, gives Medieval Games a purpose.

2007-10-02 07:16:59
This Game is the best!!!

2007-10-02 03:37:31

2007-10-01 08:31:54

2007-10-01 06:39:26
Best game ever

2007-10-01 02:32:40
Cool game that is really only takes up a few minutes of your time

2007-09-22 03:47:18
Easy to grapple with. Not too complicated and fun to just login, play for a couple of mins and then carry on with your day. Its quite addictive!

2007-09-21 19:29:29
Great and all but it gets boring after a week or two

2007-09-15 13:14:18
Lords is an exellent game for anyone that wants to try it - exept if the player is a big idiot.

2007-09-14 08:45:26
lords is a great adventurish game involving gold and a kingdom. it's not exactly fast-paced, but it's really cool cuz you create your own kingdom, with your own vassals too.

2007-08-22 18:16:29
Best game i play it everyday!

2007-08-17 13:39:21
Great game easy to play... easy to quickly have fun completely free!

2007-08-08 21:03:08
Great game, Very addicting, Very fast paced game, Very easy to understand, and most of all very FUN

2007-08-08 09:57:31

2007-08-05 18:14:22

2007-08-04 20:14:20
fun fun fun!

2007-08-04 20:06:35
good game!

2007-08-01 03:13:17
The Best Gam ever

2007-08-01 03:12:59
The Best Game ever!!!!1

2007-08-01 00:53:32
Very good

2007-06-15 07:54:04
my fave!

2007-06-14 07:04:52
i realy like this game and it is prety eXtreme =D

2007-06-13 19:20:14

2007-06-12 02:20:51
this games awsume

2007-06-11 10:11:54
Realy Good

2007-06-09 10:03:55
Ona scale from 1-10 I would give it a 7.5. It is above average and not time consuming, but it needs a little more complexity without resorting to minutae.

2007-06-05 16:04:25
Lords is a great game, I have little time to play online, however it gives me the flexability to always be in the game with its ease of use and its basic/advanced tutorial. This is a game for everyone! This game is the type that it is what you want it to be, you can put very minimal time in or you can push the limits and try to be the top lord, and or join a faction and go for glory together. Great game A++


2007-06-02 23:15:58

2007-06-02 08:23:42
its a great game and i recomend it for ebery one

2007-04-16 13:59:23
this game is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-04-15 22:00:25

2007-03-31 13:34:16

2007-03-21 11:34:36
this game really sucks


2007-03-19 07:49:16

2007-03-18 11:14:21

2007-03-11 23:25:38
quick and easy game

2007-03-06 14:07:27
great game if you know what your doing!

2007-03-01 15:33:23
Great game! :)

2007-03-01 15:05:48
I enjoy the low time commitment.