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If you have any game related question DO NOT use the email below but use 'Contact Staff' button inside the game.
If you wish to contact me by email write to: lordsgamemail@gmail.com
All content here is copyrighted. The graphics are made for exclusive use of this website, and are copyrighted by their creators.
Terms of Service
- One account per person.
- Don't abuse this service, no illegal activity, no hacking, no spamming etc.
- No offensive language, messages, usernames, forum posts etc. Hostility within the game is OK, as long as it focus on in game issues not personal issues, race, sex, religion etc. You are a medieval lord now, behave like one and we all will have a great fun.
- Do not cheat in any way (what is considered cheating is listed below).
- Respect the game staff and be polite to them. They volunteer to help the community and deserve some appreciation in return.
- Cooperate with game staff if needed.
- You understand that, while we try to maintain a safe gaming environment, we might not be able to successfully moderate the ingame shoutbox all the time or prevent all nasty things that could be caused by other players.
- Excessive whining is not allowed.
- Generally, behave yourself (I hope you know what it means).
- Have fun and allow other users to have fun too.

ToS and Privacy Policy may be changed at any time without a prior notice, you are obliged to check if new rules apply after every new version release.
What is considered cheating
- Having more than one account per person.
- Taking advantage of possible bugs.
- Using scripts, macros or robots of any kind.
- Account sharing. You can not login into someone elses account in order to buy diamonds or perform any other action.
- Account transferring. You may not take over an old account.
- Gold transfer. You must get your gold without any arrangements with others.
What is considered cooperating with cheaters
- Sharing information of inquisitor's tools or internal procedures, giving tips how to answer questions during inquisitor's interrogation, etc.
- Warning cheaters that there is an ongoing investigation regarding their actions (messaging cheaters to tell them they cheat, posting in faction's box/inn the nicks of cheaters or any other actions that let the suspect be warned and stop cheating activities before inquisitors have the chance to track it).
Privacy Policy
- Your email address will be used for game purposes only (like account validation, password recovery, notices about important events, etc). I will refrain from using it, so you won't be spammed. Of course your email won't be sold or given to anyone (except of legal issues, if you try to hack, cheat or abuse the service in other ways).
- The IP address might be stored and cookies created for purpose of tracking multiaccounts, cheaters, hackers. No other data from your computer will be stored by these cookies.
- There may be cookies created by third parties (like advertisers) and IP address might be recorded. I don't have control over it.
- It might be impossible for some content created by you (ingame organizations, forum posts, your high score, etc) to be removed even if you requested so.
- All your game activity may be recorded, stored and processed in various ways for various purposes.

ToS and Privacy Policy may be changed at any time without a prior notice, you are obliged to check if new rules apply after every new version release.