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Версия: 3.74.5
In this game you are a medieval lord who attacks others to grab their gold and earn glory. To do it effectively you need to build an army, invest in economy and make trade agreements and alliances with other lords. Unlike other games, everything here is fast, you don't spend days hiding in fear behind walls to build economy before launching an attack. Due to the score/rank systems you will be able to invade others the very first day.

Players are ranked depending on score. The score consists of:
1) Glory: gained through battle, it also grants morale combat bonus
2) Experience: you can train army or fight a lot, it also improves your battle power
3) Palace: you need to build this, very expensive but grants many bonuses like higher taxes, more knights & merchants
4) Technologies: build university then invest some gold to get various bonuses, each technology costs more than previous so choosing which path to take is crucial to victory.

Each hour you get gold and turns (you can store up to 200 turns). Turns represents mobility of your army, you need them to attack other lords. Each day your population is increased. You get also other benefits like additional laws to issue, diamonds if you have a mine, etc.

Population determines your maximum number of military units, except for knights which are determined by palace size. You should train them and provide barracks. Siege machines and fortifications are handy as well. Do not neglect training of your general, he can improve your army power by 50% or even more if you choose right technologies. You can also invent new technologies to upgrade your army capabilities.

Well, someone needs to pay for all the things above. There are three sources of income. First one, through raid, just send your army to rob another lord. The second is from taxes, it happens each hour. The last one is from trade with other lords, you need to arrange this.

Tips & Tricks
- Be quick and brave, in this game you don't hide behind walls and wait for peasants to feed you. Attack is superior to defence (althrough some players are skilled defenders).
- The choice of technologies is important. You can't afford everything, you need to choose your path.
- Arrange deals with other players. Sovereigns, vassals, trade partners, gift exchange, factions, kingdoms, you will soon discover what all these terms means.
- Spend your gold, or turn them into diamonds before you logout, unless you have a really tough defence.